Catalyst Fund

One UF: Fabricating UF’s Multi-Vocal Legacy into a Unified Act of Design


Primary Participant:

Jason Meneely, Associate Professor


Sheila Bosch, Assistant Professor; Beth McGee, Student, Lesa Lorusso, Students; Design and Fabrication by the UF Infinity Fab Lab (A2 Fabrication Lab) Matt Chandler, Fab Lab Director, Fab Lab Students/Staff

Workshop participants recruited from four UF college units representing a diverse spectrum of values and voices:

•    Visual & Performing Arts (College of the Arts)    
•    Architecture & Design (College of Design Construction and Planning)
•    Mass Media & Communications (College of Journalism and Communications)    
•    Biological Sciences (CLAS/College of Agricultural and Life Sciences)

While people from all disciplines employ internally imposed and externally imposed criteria when problem-solving in their respective fields these four disciplines were selected since they each place different weights on self-imposed versus external criteria. Collectively the selected fields create interesting progressions from expressive to empirical, from visionary to visceral, and from social to analytical. These diverse ways of working, knowing, and communicating will provide the basis for the proposed workshop.
This proposal aims to develop a creative catalyst by creating a communally envisioned work of art that embodies the collective voices and educational values that play out across diverse disciplines at UF.  Students and faculty from the four college units (listed above) will be recruited to attend a visioning workshop—led by the authors. The first half of this workshop will task each college team with the challenge of visually and vocally representing the educational values, mission, and legacy of their respective unit through rapid ideation techniques (such as mind-mapping) to create a photomontage and accompanying narrative. For the second half of the workshop participants will be regrouped into interdisciplinary teams and asked to repeat the same task; however, this time they will be asked to reflect on similarities and differences across units and to create a second visual composition and accompanying narrative that captures their insights as a collective campus community.

Using the expert assistance of artists, designers, and fabricators, the workshop outcomes for each team will be digitally translated into a single square bas-relief panel that will be 3D-printed and/or laser cut. The final panel will make the educational values of each unit tangible. Quotes from the collected narratives will also be included as part of the composition. Each individual bas-relief panel will be combined into a collective multi-panel composition that embodies both the unique educational values of each college unit as well as the collective values of the campus community.