Catalyst Fund

Student Artisan In Residence Program


Primary Participant:

Eric McLamore, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Existing civil infrastructure related to water, food, and energy will likely be strained by increas- ing overpopulation and a changing climate. Nature provides a wealth of inspiration for the de- velopment of biomimetic and biogenic regenerative technologies which can provide these critical resources. However, one of the most significant challenges faced by the field of sustainability sci- ence is community acceptance of novel biotechnologies which can improve or enhance on existing infrastructure. The overall objective of this project is to increase public knowledge of sustainability concepts related to sustainable food, water and energy use through an interdisciplinary student artisan in residence program (SARP). The student artisans in residence will be involved in a wide range of interdisciplinary projects in the field of biological engineering. The work develop by the artisans will increase community knowledge by improving the communication of research principles to public audiences through the use of visual and/or interactive media. Artisans will be respon- sible for identifying at least two project deliverables to be developed using the unique blend of research equipment available in the Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department as well as any equipment available in the artisans home Department. The artisans will organize and partic- ipate in a campus wide sustainability workshop, and also participate in a K-12 summer camp for underprivileged Florida youth. This intergrated multi-disciplinary collaboration will foster creative inquiry between artisans and faculty, staff and students in engineering in an emerging field of global importance. The campus wide sustainability workshop will be open to all students from UF and Santa Fe College, and the modules developed for the K-12 summer camp will be disseminated to schools via a digital repository for use by other instructors. The principal investigators will serve as mentors and monitor progress of the artisan on a weekly basis to maintain momentum.